Tiger Teams

In a time of uncertainty (and heaven knows we’re there right now), or when an organisation is facing either intended or enforced significant challenges or changes to their…

  • Vision, Values and Ethos
  • Strategy
  • Structure
  • Customer and Stakeholder Base
  • Product or Service Delivery Lines
  • Branding

…then there’s nothing like pulling the whole C-Suite and senior management team into a Tiger Team to work through the challenges and issues together, using the combined skills and experience in the room to come up with a cunning plan that will actually deliver.

Certainly beats bringing in an external consultancy team, who’ll use your watch to tell you the time – then sell it back to you at three times the cost, but in a condition that means it’ll never quite work properly again.

Or having the CEO personally expending vast amounts of time and energy to come up with a solution which then has to be imposed from the top, as it has to be delivered by an audience who were not engaged with its creation.

So a Tiger Team sounds good, and definitely the way forward hunh?  Except…

  • Who keeps the egos in the room in check
  • Who identifies and brings in the external learning that will help drive innovation and support delivery of team goals
  • Who keeps the team on track, motivated and focused
  • Who will have the balls to call out challenging behaviour – but can do so in a manner which doesn’t destroy the team and everything it’s working towards
  • Who mediates between competing priorities for resources, and understands that costs are important, but that cost-cutting should not necessarily be the first-choice solution

That’s the CEO, right?

Except… they are in the room too, and they are no longer objective.

Not one of your NEDs or your Board Chair either – because they have legal corporate governance obligations to protect the company and any shareholders you might have, and you might want to be able to run through some of the scenarios and costs without spooking your Board in the process.

The solution?  Talk to us about your business’s potential for running either a Company Growth Circle, or using our considerable skills and experience to provide an external facilitator who will fill the shoes of the “who’s” above.

Tiger teams are grrrrreat – but like all teams, they work best in harness!

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