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Geoff - Wynyard May 2019

Geoff Nicholson – The Bio-Catalyst

Not just another executive coach… a fresh perspective!

So what exactly is a catalyst? In the world of Science it is defined as “a substance that speeds up reactions, or allows them to happen”. So how can a person be a catalyst? Geoff is clearly not a substance, so we prefer to use the term “Bio-Catalyst” – a living, breathing human being that can speed up your reactions, help you to bring about change, and make the things happen that matter to you.

The majority of executive coaches tend to come from a business background, and have fairly clear ideas of how things should be done. Geoff doesn’t have that – and that is his great strength.  He brings no business baggage and can therefore challenge conventional thinking by bringing a fresh view.

For the last twenty years he taught Science at GCSE and A level in one of the North East’s leading and outstanding Academies, where his classes included a significant percentage of students (and parents) who had exceptionally high expectations of their performance and progression.   In that time he has inspired literally hundreds of these most challenging “clients” to achieve their dream grades, but as CAN Do Business Solutions and our Growth Circles concept have taken off, he found himself drawn to a change in direction where he would be working with clients who actually want to be coached.

In addition to his pre-teaching experience as a research scientist in the private sector, over the last 6 years Geoff has been intimately involved in the creation and development of a number of family-owned businesses, and has a very good understanding of the pressures and loneliness that entrepreneurs face when they go it alone – as well as the importance of having a sounding board when tough decisions have to be made.

Geoff is a Director of CAN Do Business Solutions, but his Chief Catalyst title has been chosen to reflect the role he’s played over the last 3 years in helping Carri Nicholson get both CAN Do and Growth Circles off the ground: asking the right questions and challenging her perceptions so that she could turn her ideas and vision into a vibrant and successful business.

Geoff provides 1-2-1 bespoke coaching packages for leaders and senior managers who would benefit from a new set of eyes and a fresh perspective on their challenges.

The Bio-Catalyst – Restoring Clarity and Focus

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