Business Growth Rocket Fuel

As a business leader, the company you keep drives your leadership skills, your business and personal growth, and your success.

Growth Circles take the business mastermind concept and reinvent it to meet the changing demands of modern leadership in an ever-changing, uncertain, and complex world.

They do what they say on the tin: circles of non-competing business owners and leaders who support each other; work together to solve their problems; learn new stuff; and grow their businesses.

At their core are the three key principles of structured learning opportunities; mastermind problem solving sessions, and coaching/mentoring.

But, unlike our competitors, we know that the era of a leader being able (or willing) to take a whole day out of the office every month has gone the way of the three martini lunch followed by a couple of rounds of golf at the country club (and the dodo for that matter…).

A Growth Circle is not rocket science, but it does add rocket fuel to your personal and business visions, objectives and plans.

Add some high-octane inspiration to your life!

The more you surround yourself with peers who hold the same values and share the same goals, the more likely you are to accomplish those goals

Jesse Campanaro, CEO, Total Gym

Like to find out more about the concept? Go to So what IS a Mastermind Group?

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