About us

“Take it. Keep It. Dream large. Dream large…”*

Carri Nicholson founded CAN Do Business Solutions in 2016 to give an outlet for her passion for making a difference to regional economies, the businesses that fuel their growth, and the people who lead those businesses.

CAN Do Business Solutions can’t promise to have all the answers – there is no magic bullet or Tyne Valley unicorn – but we do have nearly 30 years’ experience of working with businesses and leaders of all shapes and sizes to help them achieve clarity of thought and purpose, so they can deliver real and lasting business transformation.

We also have an outstanding network of Regional Associates – so if we can’t answer all your questions, we know someone who can…

We know that what we do makes a real difference to the businesses we work with.

Find out more about our team:


*and a prize to the first person who can identify the film that quote was taken from…


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